The Benefits of Private Lessons

There are many benefits to jiu jitsu private lessons , I am going to highlight five of them today:
1. Individualized attention

Jiu Jitsu is a very detail oriented martial art, Instructors have a hard time making sure everyone captures the technique fully in class. The instructor has the job of getting around to everyone in class. In a private lesson you have your instructor’s full attention allowing you to ask about the smallest details and be corrected on minor mistakes.

2. Crash course in your instructors game

By the time any Jiu Jitsu player gets to Brown Belt they probably have developed a game that is completely unique for them. In finding your own game there is no replacement for mat time, but it sure doesn’t hurt to study how your instructor developed his/her own game. Often in private lessons you get to see the sneaky pieces of your instructor’s game.

3. More time to spend on each technique

In a class flow there is only an allotted time for technique. In the allotted time both you are your partner needs time to dive into the technique taught. Often as a beginner you need a little bit more time on the technique. Private lessons are all about you and there is no sharing of the time you need to put into each technique.

4. Develop your individualized game

During the rolling portion of class and your private lesson you have probably noticed things that you are good at and things you struggle with. In a private lesson your instructor can build off the things that you are good at, and fill in gaps in which you struggle. Building on the things that come natural to your body style, flexibility and athleticism is the start of creating your own unique game.

5. Extra Time to roll with your instructor

Rolling or live sparring is such an important part of grasping Jiu Jitsu. In live sparring you need to be able to take the techniques that you have learned and make them applicable without a compliant partner. As a beginner this is often one of the most difficult areas to achieve as you are often simply fighting to survive rather trying to implement techniques. One thing that often helps is rolling with higher belts that are willing to take some extra time to give you pointers. In your private lesson your instructor rolls with you with the sole purpose of making you better. So you might notice a difference on the way your instructor approaches a roll during a private lessons and the way he/she approaches a roll on the times you might get to roll with them in class.

Overall private lessons can be a great tool to speed up your learning curve in Jiu Jitsu. They are a great supplement to your class schedule that works with your own busy schedule. Private lessons are NOT a suitable replacement for class.
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