Welcome to MauMau Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

 Welcome to MauMau Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy


Learn authentic Brazilian jiu Jitsu at MauMau Brazilian jiu Jitsu Academy
Mau Mau Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy is located at 468 Salem Street Medford MA 02155. Our Academy is a proud affiliate of the world famous Grappling Fight Team – GFTeam.  Here you will receive the best instruction in Massachusetts and enjoy a fun, friendly, safe and clean environment!

Whether your goals are to become more physically fit, start a new hobby, compete in tournaments, learn mixed martial arts, or just train to have fun, you will find it all and more at MauMauBJJ .  The family at MauMauBJJ will help you achieve your goals, and have fun while doing it.  The mission of the academy is to train as a family and to help bring out the best in the students.

Feel free to come and take an introductory lesson, or watch a class to see if Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is something you would like to try. For more info, please contact us!

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Mau-Mau BJJ classes offer a complete training system that concentrates on your ability to use leverage and superior body position to control your opponent on the ground regardless of size or strength. Our experienced World Champion instructor will show you how!


Mau Mau Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Code of Conduct:

01. Always be respectful, check your attitude at the door. This is the wrong place for people with bad intentions.

02. Be on time for class. If you are late, wait off the mat until your instructor gives you permission to join.

03. Respect the mat. Always bow when stepping on and off.

04. Keep quiet during instruction. Gossip and drama will not be tolerated.

05. Do not leave the mat area without permission from the Instructor.

06. No foul language inside the Academy.

07. Keep feet clean. No dirty feet on the mat.

08. You must wear shoes or flip flops when you are not on the mat.

09. If you (or your child) is sick, please stay home. Training can wait until you are well.

10. Your uniform must be clean and odor free at all times. A dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect. (and it’s gross).

11. Be respectful towards your training partners. There is nothing to prove in class.

12. Do not coach your children during class

13. All jewelry, piercings, necklaces, and other items should be removed during training.

14. Keep fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed.

15. No shoes, food, or drinks on the mat.

16. Leave your troubles at the door, relax, have fun….find your “escape”


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