ROBSON MAU MAU – Na Condição Podcast #20 – Jiu jitsu brasileiro

ROBSON MAU MAU, arrebentando na resenha.

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O Podcast da realidade americana! Vamos trazer o dia a dia de obras e das dificuldades. Vamos juntos mostrar e construir a nossa vida na América.

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ROBSON MAU MAU - Na Condição Podcast #20 - Jiu jitsu brasileiro

WE ARE OPEN! July 6th, 2020

Thank you for being a part of Maumau Bjj family. The health, wellness and comfort level of you and your family is a top priority for us, now and always. We are thrilled to share the great news that we reopened our doors to the community on July 6th!!!

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Jiu-Jitsu seminar at the academy of my great master Luiz Roberto Delvivo (Lula), in RJ – Brazil

Hello everyone ,this month I had the honor of having a great Jiu-Jitsu seminar at the academy of my great master Luiz Roberto Delvivo (Lula), in Bento Ribeiro, RJ – Brazil.

That was the place where everything started, where I met and started my career in Jiu-Jitsu, the seminar was a success and I hope everyone enjoyed it was a great pleasure to share some of my experience with you !!! See you soon!!! Osssss.

Então galera esse mês tive a honra de realizar um grande seminário de Jiu-Jitsu na academia do meu grande mestre Luiz Roberto Delvivo (Lula), em Bento Ribeiro, RJ – Brasil.

Que foi o lugar onde tudo começou, aonde conheci e dei início a minha carreira no Jiu-Jitsu, o seminário foi irado e espero que todos tenham gostado foi um grande prazer dividir um pouco da minha experiência com vocês!!! Vejo vocês em breve!!! Osssss

Photo Gallery Jiu-Jitsu seminar at the academy of my great master Luiz Roberto Delvivo (Lula), in RJ – Brazil

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So guys last week I was in North Carolina for a seminar at the  CHARLOTTES JIU-JITSU ACADEMY, with professor John Piper.

I would like to thank everyone who was there, it was a wonderful energy, it was a pleasure sharing a little bit of my experience with you, I hope you all enjoyed it soon I’ll be there again so we can train a little !!

Photo Gallery seminar at the  CHARLOTTES JIU-JITSU ACADEMY

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On November 4th, thank God, we had the Grand Opening of our new gym in Medford and it was a success, the house was crowded !!
I am very happy with this achievement and I owe this achievement to all the students who have worked together. Thank you for believing and trusting in my work.
I am very happy and grateful to have all of you in my life !!!!!
Thanks to all who attended and celebrated this victory with us.!!

Champion Boston Open

boston openSo guys yesterday I fought the Boston open and one more time I became a champion of the middleweight division and vice champion in the open class and our team I would like to congratulate everyone who participated, everyone who did not compete but they were there throughout The day to support the fighters, in this edition of the Boston Spring open 2017 we made a very big leap, we beat our record of written athletes, record of athletes on the podium, we never had such a great GFTEAM so united and organized in the Boston open I’m very, very happy with Everyone, we fought straight through the podium throughout the competition, even with the unforeseen events we had before and during the competition, thank you Kenny quon, this is just the beginning we will go much far , thanks Rogerio senna for all support and trust in Boston Open summer 2017 we’re going to be a lot stronger and sure fighting for the title, thanks Anderson Silverio for the training, for the support we are together brother and thank you João cruvinel e Mar Cos Paulo cruvinel, this union of ours is making a difference, and its only a matter of time !!! Oss




NY open NO GI

Osssss Guys, yesterday it was the NY open NO GI and thank God I was once again a champion, yesterday GFTEAM rose in the second place of the podium very close to first place in points , today the GFTEAM of New England is much more organized , we’ve been working very hard in the last 11 months we are engaged and united like we have never been before…

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Boston Spring International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Any athlete who has proven to be a black belt in judo, has fought MMA professionally, has an amateur MMA record or has proven experience in wrestling, Olympic wrestling or Greco-Roman wrestling, can not participate in any league as a white belt. Proven experience in the U.S. consists of having competed at the collegiate level or higher and in other countries, having competed in nationwide events.

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